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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Learning to Love you for you.


My Goal is to Inspire people. I believe one person can make a difference but we first need to love ourselves from the heart NOT the ego.  Let’s Start by learning to love you from your heart. The 4 Principles I've learned from Lou Corona. (If interested in Lou’s teachings) here’s his link. 

1. Nutrition, If you want to feel good inside and out eat food that’s going to give your body and mind what you need, Eat for you health.

2. Move, dance, exercise feel good while your doing it get that blood flowing. dance to your favorite song.

3. Forgiveness yes forgive don’t waste your energy on hating anyone, wish them the best and be on your way. Be the example for a better world. Remember every time you spend time hating someone else your robbing you of  happiness.

4. Learn how to be apart of nature.  sit outside away from distractions and tune into nature, be one with it and let your mind go.

Now that you have learned these principles you can start living a peaceful life. It’s time to cleanse your body inside and out so you can love you for you and find out who you really are. Shine.  A better world starts with you and me.  If you enjoyed this post, I've have put up some nutritional posts with video’s. thank you for your support, Annie 

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